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Gabi Grella is a mastering engineer in an extremely male dominated sector of the music industry. She has gained extensive knowledge of mastering from working on singles, EPs, and albums across all genres of music and television. She has released over 500 songs on all music platforms.


Gabi brings a unique perspective to mastering due to her holistic music background. She is an experienced singer/songwriter with comprehensive knowledge in production, mixing, and business gained from her education at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.


Making a song is a very intimate process and she understands all of the work, dedication, time, and love that goes into it. She also takes a very personal approach to mastering; she enjoys talking with her clients and getting to know them, allowing the best possible results to be achieved artistically and technically.


"Gabi is one of those mastering engineers who always seems to elevate whatever I send her. She’s so attentive to detail, both macro and micro, and her deep knowledge of music and audio shines through everything she masters."

-Daniel Nieman, Mixing Engineer

"There are the skills that get you in the door and there are the skills that take you to the top floor. Gabi Grella has both. She is a stellar mastering engineer with technical skills that are immediately evident, but just as importantly, she is kind, confident in her abilities and deeply committed to helping artists manifest *their* creative vision no matter what it takes. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

-Zay Lewis, Artist 

"Working with Gabi on any project is a guaranteed smooth 5 star experience. We’ve worked on several styles of music and she wows me with the clarity of her masters that complement the mix every time. She will always be my go to for a professional sound."

-Samantha Henry, Mixing Engineer

"Working with Gabi was an absolutely seamless experience. She was responsive and accommodating, with the ability to understand exactly what my notes meant even when I didn’t."

-Sabrina Song, Artist

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